Individually and in partnership, our leadership team has a track record for identifying markets poised for growth and a reputation for leading the way.

Over the past two decades, the co-founders have repeatedly pooled expertise and resources on multiple businesses and investments in the constantly evolving agriculture and financial markets.
organic farm Satish
Satish Nandapurkar


Satish Nandapurkar is an international leader in the development and management of financial risk products. He specializes in developing models and products that evaluate and manage risk. He has successfully scaled and exited his own risk management company and has led organizations as CEO of the Chicago Climate Exchange, U.S. Future Exchange, and Eurex US/Deutsche Boerse. Satish also served as Head of Products & Services for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Global Head of FX Options for Bank of America. He also proudly served as a Captain the US Air Force. Satish has a BS, in computer science from MIT and an MA in economics and finance from Boston University.

organic farm Cy
Cy Monley


Cy Monley is a lifelong agent of change known for building and growing transformative businesses or service lines in the areas where finance, agriculture and technology meet. He has worked with organizations of all sizes from a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley IT company and international brokerage firms to niche investment products. Two of the businesses Cy co-founded, Silveus Financial, a crop risk management firm for large farmers, and Structured Commodity Solutions, a risk management service for elevators, were sold in 2019 to Farmers Business Network (FBN). Cy also co-founded and managed the Trevinci Liquid Ag Strategy fund, a Typhon Financial Company. Cy is passionate about the need to clean our farm land, and is hoping the Organic Farm Partners model inspires more farmers to convert a portion of their acres to organic practices. Cy graduated from the University of Minnesota.

organic farm John
John Meuret


John Meuret is a fourth generation farmer and elevator owner who sees a strong future for organic. His company has grown to become the largest distributor of organic grain to the west coast. His family has been farming and operating grain elevators in Nebraska for 100 years. They are the only elevator dedicated specifically to organic only shuttle trains. John has successfully converted 11,000 acres to organic and has developed a process to efficiently convert new land. John was instrumental in developing the Organic Evaluation Index (OEI) which Organic Farm Partners leverages to evaluate land for its portfolio. John serves as chairman at Siouxland Ethanol in Jackson, NE, and is chair of the risk management committee. He is a past president of the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association, and currently serves as treasurer for the local volunteer fire department.

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