Our Vision

You can invest in anything, so why not a vehicle with historically high returns that benefits the world?

Organic Farm Partners believes strongly in the need to improve the way our food is grown. Organic farming is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional methods. Our dual vision is to preserve the long-term health of our country’s rural environments while providing investors access to organic farmland.

Farmland has long been an attractive investment as it:

  • Delivers a predictable competitive yield that grows as land prices and revenue grow.
  • Delivers long term capital appreciation that has outpaced inflation in the long run.
  • Provides portfolio diversification as it does not correlate with traditional assets.

We believe organic farmland is an even better investment as:

  • Demand is growing quickly and supply cannot keep up.
  • Imbalances have led to price premiums.
  • With less than 2% of farmland certified organic, premiums are expected to last a long time.

So Why Are There Not More Organic Farms?

The simple answer is that most farmers are not incentivized to undertake the three-year process to convert their land to organic. They are enjoying good returns on their conventional land, so why would they change how they farm, purchase different equipment, and sustain two years of losses while the land is being converted?

Field of Organic Soybean Crops
Pigs in Pen at Organic Farm

Putting our Organic Expertise to Work

The lack of a market for organic land is what led us to create the Organic Farm Partners. We have the analytics to help us select land that will convert to organic, the expertise and resources to convert to organic best practices, and experience creating markets for agricultural/financial products.

Our Organic Conversion Investment lets investors access land at conventional farm pricing and sell at organic farm pricing.

Our Organic Farm Investments benefit from our experience managing costs, driving high yields, and marketing strategy.

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