We unlock access and provide stability to organic farm investments by innovating the way organic sites are selected, converted, farmed, and marketed.

We believe Organic Farming is the next big growth industry and are bringing the processes and resources of multi-national businesses to our investments.

Land Evaluation

Conversion to Organic Practices

Farm Operations & Marketing

Organic Evaluation Index (OEI)

Not every farm is a candidate for organic. We have developed a weighted scale to evaluate land that will successfully convert and deliver desirable yields. In addition to details such as proximity to organic grain storage, soil type, irrigation, etc., we also look for the ability to produce manure as well as renewable energy on the land.


Distance To Market
Road Access
Proximity To Homes, Schools, Church, Cemetery
Average Rainfall

Infrastructure and Attributes

Soil Type
Livestock Confinement
Renewable Energy


Purchase Price
Historical Yields
Lease Rates
Loan to Value

Organic Conversion

We don’t just convert the soil – we convert the entire farm. Organic farming requires new inputs, new practices, new equipment; a whole new way of thinking. A transition takes two years with year three producing the first organic certified crop.

Organic farmland conversion
USDA Organic Logo
  • Crops grown on farmland that has undergone a three year transition period

  • No synthetic chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

  • Must maintain strict physical separation of organic and non-organic

  • Must undergo periodic onsite inspections

  • Must keep detailed production and sales record

  • No genetically modified seeds


All of our farms are managed by GOFARM, a farm management company that is wholly owned by Global Farm Partners. Our investors benefit from:

Lease to GOFARM

Farm Profitability

Land Appreciation